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Sean Hastings

Sean is the owner of Revolution Fitness. He has a degree in Biology/Environmental Health from Illinois State University and is a CrossFit L2, Spartan SGX, DekaFit, and RAMFit Coach. He also has an MBA from the University of Illinois and assists corporations with interim talent and consulting solutions. He resides in the Chicago suburbs and has two sons.

Your Health Is Non-Negotiable

“I’m thinking of getting back into shape this summer”….

I overheard this the other day at a grocery store last week.  It’s January. 

Procrastination is something we are very good at in our society.  I don’t know why.  But when it comes to procrastinating with your health, the time to start is today.  Not tomorrow, not next week, today.  As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, do it now.

You can continue to make excuses.  Take your pick: no time, climbing the corporate career ladder, long commute, kids activities, spouse not supportive, it’s too cold, too hot, etc.  You know what they say about excuses… 

You can bust ass, retire early, and neglect your health along the way but if you don’t live long after that, what’s the point?  So called “lifestyle diseases” (atherosclerosis, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and diseases associated with smoking and alcohol and drug abuse) kill more Americans than anything else.  Every year.  Change your lifestyle and you won’t be a part of that statistic.  If 2020 taught us anything it is this– our health, or lack thereof, is in our control, and if we are unhealthy, chances are good we will die before our time. 

Being healthy is no more difficult than being unhealthy.  Actually, being unhealthy – inactive, eating processed “food” – is hard for our body to handle.  At some point, we (or perhaps our parents) had to convince our body to do just that – do something unhealthy and unnatural.  Inactivity and eating processed food?  We are not built to be inactive and eat processed “food”, hence, we die young when we do it.  We can break the cycle.  I’ve seen it many times first-hand, by normal people. It’s an awesome thing to see people feeling better, being healthier. And it’s never too late to start.

It’s easy to change habits once YOU decide to try.  No one else can make that decision for you. Start small and just get started.  Baby steps.  If you fall off, that’s ok.  Progress, not perfection.

I know.  I’ve made changes and I have plenty more changes to make.  I’m as normal as they come and have made as many mistakes as anyone. Smoked for 20 years, quit 15 years ago.  Drank for longer than that, quit about 15 months ago.  Was around 205 pounds at one point with high cholesterol and now maintain a healthier weight and low cholesterol.  Went months without exercising in my 20’s and 30’s and now exercise almost daily. If I can do it, so can you. 

Your health is non-negotiable.  Don’t sacrifice it.  You can’t be the best you can be to others if you are not the best you can be to yourself.  So don’t wait. 

No ideas how to start? I’m more than willing to give you ideas and keep you motivated. But only you can decide to do it.

You can do it.  Get healthy.  Make the changes. Don’t wait till summer.

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